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Sun Aug 3 14:21:48 PDT 1997

>>1.  What is a "newbie"?  Is that similar to the children's television

program which displays "good bees" and "bad bees"??????  We don't have

"newbies" in Ansteorra, Caladin.  We have new members, we have new

interests, we have folks recently introduced to the Society and

Ansteorran customs and culture.  However, we simply DO NOT HAVE


Oh no, not again!!!!  Come off it!! It's just a word.  A harmless little word
that insults no one except a select few people to whom the word does not even
apply.  Get over it, guys.  If a couple of people like to use the word 'chic'
instead of 'woman', or if we call someone a 'girl' instead of 'young
femperson'.....  the world will not fall apart.  

It really does insult me that some people are so petty as to quibble over
phraseology.  It doesn't matter.  The fact that of all the worlds problems we
could be working to solve, someone has chosen the word "newbie" to pick
on....  well it just makes me want to scream.    Political correctness is a
waste of my precious aol-minutes, and I'd like to see it off the list.  I'm
serious.  Let's talk about chivalry and grace, let's discuss honor, let's
talk about our garb, our personnas, our magic moments, or any other subject
relevent to our society.  But if the word "newbie" is all we have to talk
about here, then I will gladly un-subscribe and go play on some other
kingdom's list serv.

a very offended--

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