ANST - RE: The term "newbie"

Mitchell, Paul T MTCHPTAA at
Mon Aug 4 12:04:00 PDT 1997


And I'd always heard that the term "mundane" to describe non-members
of the SCA was offensive...

For the record, I rarely use the term "newbie" to describe an individual.
"This is George, it's his first event" is the kind of thing I use.  But I
still fail to see "newbie" as being offensive.

 - Galen

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Subject:  ANST - RE: The term "newbie"

I don't wish an ongoing digression on the term "newbie".  I simply wish
us to use another description for our "new friends", "new subjects",
etc., (as introduced by Guillaume - thanks!).  You're correct, this is a
message board about Ansteorra play, so let's play with respect and honor
and refrain from using this offensive word.  And it is offensive, both
to myself and to several dear mundane friends who quit playing after
their constant introduction as "newbies".  If a friend, spouse, etc., of
yours greatly dislikes using the word "$@#%", don't you find "other"
inventive ways to express your thoughts?  That's all I'm suggesting and
requesting, cousins.


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