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Mon Aug 4 23:18:58 PDT 1997

 From: Pat St. Jean <stjeanp at>
>On Mon, 4 Aug 1997 dentim at wrote:
>>         Nancy Henley, in "Body Politics", describes "chivalry" as "an
>> oppresive tool designed to make women feel incapable of dealing with the
>> world without perpetual assistance"
>> comments?
>Please forgive/ignore me if the following offends you:
>sounds like more PC, revisionist, man hating feminist crap to me, but then
>again what do I know...

Ms. Henley is certainly not describing SCA chivalry, I think.

To my knowledge, in the SCA, chivalry is not the exclusive
domain of men, and women are as free to oppress men
with it as they may please to.  Further, in its Society usage,
we find people often oppressing people of the same
sex, and of all the same and different ages, races and creeds.

We do, in fact, seem most universally and democratically 
oppressed, and happy to be so, if I am any judge of it.

If it was Ms. Henley's intent to make "chivalry" a foul term,
I am afraid she has instead made "oppresive' a merry one !
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Am I in fine form tonight, or what ? :-)


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