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Tue Aug 5 13:25:31 PDT 1997


> With an open event schedule and no money for Pennsic, come join me in
> McAlester to gain more populace of up and coming Gulf war addicts...
> Britta, name the time and place
> Bunny.....oooops

Happy to do so! Noon to 4pm Sat.

 Forgive me, for not knowing where you are coming from, but I'll give
directions to all. From Texas, you will want to be traveling either
Hwy75 to Hwy 69 (in Ok) straight up 69 Hwy to McAlester. Approx. 80
miles from Texas line. You could also take whatever route gets you to
the southern tip of the Indian Nations turnpike (starts at Hugo or
Antlers, I beleive) straight up to McAlester. From most groups in OK,
you'd travel down the Indian Nations turnpike, or down Hwy 69. If your
in Eldern Hills, go to Ardmore, up to Ada, and over. 

Once in McAlester, you wish to find Carl Albert Parkway (also known as
270 Hwy) It runs east and west through the middle of McAl. Turn north on
6th Street (there will be a stop light here) At Monroe (4way stop) turn
right (east). Watch for the SCA signs.
I'll be available here at email until 10:30am Saturday.
And many kind thanks!
Britta the Red
Gnomon Vale 
this is a dark ride

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