ANST - Pennsic!! (get your money back?)

eric caladin at
Wed Aug 6 10:54:32 PDT 1997

Hey all,

Last Year I had reservations to pennsic, and at the last minuete could not
go, Is there anybody this year in the same predicament, who'd be willing to
cede to me their reservations in the Ansteorran encampment?

Heck, I'll reimburse your reservation, even, assuming you'll trust me till I
get back... as I doubt I can get a check to you b4 I leave....

I can use reservations for up to 3 people... if that many are out there!

If you'd call my home number too and leave a message in case my server goes
down I'd love you 
forever (i'm having isp troubles..)



(Who didn't make reservationsthis year, but who's employer amazingly kept
their word THIS year 
and let him go....)

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