ANST - Dennis Connor

Chiang chiang at
Wed Aug 6 20:14:41 PDT 1997

   Speaking of attacks, I think most of the people answering you have
been most polite. All you have done is put down and
 belittle everyone who has replied to you. Your attitude has been 
condescending and pretentious.
   In answer to your question about anyone knowing Garth. Yes I know the
man(sorry he is not from Bryn Gwlad, you only wish he were,)(wink). He
has been playing for many a year, around 15 I believe. I have found him
to be a great wealth of knowledge on history, SCA history and culture as
well as many aspects and fields of A&S. I have a great deal of respect
for the man and call him a friend.
   As far as me being polite well....Hehe I'm not. And you M'lord
Dennis Connor have insulted my friends far to much should you and I meet
I hope it is on the Field of Honor, then we shall see what is to be

   Chiang Ti Lung of the House Crane
   Barony of Bonwicke
   Western Region of Ansteorra


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