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Hadn't seen this on the list, got it from a friend & thought I would
forward it...

: >Date:    Mon, 4 Aug 1997 20:28:21 -0500
: >From:    "Martha K. John" <mjohn01 at MAIL.COIN.MISSOURI.EDU>
: >Subject: Viking voyage
: >
: >Hi, folks -
: >
: >Since I'm not currently on this list, you may have already talked this
: >information to death, but just in case you *don't* know about it, here
: >'tis:
: >
: >The August issue of the Land's End catalog includes a four page article
: >about the building of the Viking knarr "Snorri" for the "Viking 1000"
: >voyage, supposedly recreating the voyage of Leif Eriksson.  The article
: >includes a reference to the web site, which I have just visited and
: >fascinating.  Not only have they finished the ship, but they set sail on
: >July 16 with a crew of 12 from Narsarauq, Greenland to sail a circuitous
: >route that will eventually bring them to Newfoundland, where Eriksson
: >supposed to have landed.  The site includes information about the
: >of the ship (in a very period manner, as much as practical, and with
: >about what things deviate from the regular period practice and why),
: >each of the crew members, about the voyage, about Vikings in general,
: >lots of other good stuff.  It even has a tracking map so you can see
: >they are today.  (Still hugging the west coast of Greenland at the
: >but about to strike off across the Davis Strait, I think.)  Anyway, if
: >you're interested, the site is:
: >
: >
: >
: >Have fun at Pennsic, y'all!
: >
: >        Alix
: >
: >        Martha K. John
: >        mjohn01 at
: >


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