ANST - Blue

James Crouchet jtc at
Tue Aug 5 18:43:00 PDT 1997

> I have heard that a person in training to become a cadet gets a
> blue scarf. Logically, that means that a person training to be a
> squire gets a blue belt (though I have not heard so). The blue
> scarf (and blue belt if it exists) is not reserved.

Hmmm...*I* have not heard such (as a Don, you'd think...) but in 
other kingdoms, who can say? There was a messy situation years ago 
where some folks were trying to designate their friends as "cadet 
ready" by pinning scarves of some color (green, I think) on them. The 
Dons of that day were not impressed and I doubt it helped anyone to 

M. Christian Dore


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