ANST - Words

James Crouchet jtc at
Tue Aug 5 18:43:01 PDT 1997

> It really does insult me that some people are so petty as to
> quibble over phraseology.  It doesn't matter.

I am not one to worry overmuch about Politically Correct phrasing.
There are other issues here.

Words have more than a simple definition. They also have
connotations, usage and a host of other properties. Part of the way
we work these out is to discuss the words and their finer points.

Let's not forget, discussion and language are also arts that were
common in the times we seek to re-create and these arts are sadly
tattered today.

If we are to revive the beauty and elegance of language we must
discuss,learn and practice it as did they.

M. Christian Dore

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