ANST - To Dennis O' Connor

Dennis O'Connor dmoc at
Wed Aug 6 11:25:09 PDT 1997

 From: Richard L. Rohde <talen at>
Subject: RE: ANST - To Dennis O' Connor
>You know, this is why I stopped reading the Rialto.  Too much ego and 
>not enough substance.  

"I assume you are talking about some *other* person in
 the exchange: my posts have *reeked* of substance !"
And I am sure the other people feel exactly the same way. :-)

>Please take it private.

Indeed.  Perhaps your own opinion that the discussion was 
essentially content-free and unworthy of being in public should 
have been taken private, too ?

If you intended no insult, I believe you have something to learn 
about making good on your intentions. If you did intend insult ...
 <shrug> ... put a little more meat into it, okay ? :-)
Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
"I'm right about this, and you know it." :-)


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