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Wed Aug 6 18:31:00 PDT 1997

 From: Lord Larkin O'Kane <larkin at>
Subject: Re: ANST - About Dennis O' Connor
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>>Subject: Re: ANST - To Dennis O' Connor
>>>In a message dated 97-08-06 12:08:17 EDT, you write:
>>><<  If I had wished to spare you that embarrassment I would have replied
>>> privately, but I felt that the instruction I believe you so obviously need
>>> can also be of some use to others, and so I have not spared you.
>>> --
>>> Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
>>> I'm having close to too much fun with this. :-) >>
>>>What's the matter, Dennis?  Couldn't find enough controversy on the
>>>mailing list, and you have to spread out over here to Ansteorra?
>>Tisk tisk.  Another ad-hominem attack.  But it is interesting
>>that you think logic and argument are controversial subjects.
>>I am afraid I must disagree with you there.
>Is it just me? Or does anyone else see a parallel between Dennis
>O'Connor and Bryan J. Maloney?

And ANOTHER content-free purely ad-hominem attack !
How productive ! How completely in sync with the High Ideals
of the SCA !  Why, when we want an example of courtesy and grace
in Ansteorra, surely it will be Lord Larkin O'Kane we should name !

Gee, the hypocrisy is running deep in Ansteora tonight ...
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