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Wed Aug 6 18:38:30 PDT 1997

 From: Russell Kinder <russmax at>
Dennis O'Connor wrote:
>>  From: Garth <green at>
>> >Dennis O'Connor wrote:
>> >>
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>> >> From: Garth <green at>
>> >> >Just because somebody has a different opinion than you does not make
>> >> >their argument invalid. You might try doing some formal debate.
>> [...]
>> >I mearly stated an opinon that you seem to disagree with.
>[tirade deleted]

Uh-huh.  Can't really counter it, I assume ?  Why else would
you just call it a tirade, with no refutation or analysis to
support your derogatory characterization ?  How rude.

>How do we deflate this windbag? This is an utter waste of bandwidth, and
>I'm usually pretty tolerant. He's like a wounded cat, lashing at anyone
>who comes near.

Au contraire, oh presumptuous net.telepathic characterizer 
of other people's emotional states and motivation.  You want
to "deflate" me, it's pretty simple; just produce valid counters
to  my arguments.  If you can of course.  Trust me, no amount
of insults, hypocrisy and content-free blather is going to have
any effect.  None at all.  I can quite easily take and hold the
moral high ground in any flame war you might care to start.
And that's how I'd win.

BTW, I'm wondering what your definition of "pretty tolerant" is.
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