ANST - To Dennis O' Connor

Eric Jackson jackser at
Wed Aug 6 15:42:57 PDT 1997

     Dennis O'Conner,
        It is nice to see someone use Logic and their skills at debate so 
     skillfully, however I was enjoying the thread about courts and the 
     purpose of the different orders.  I am not enjoying the I argue better 
     than you topic that for today has dominated the list would you mind 
     next time to please take your Logic and argument private so that this 
     list can continue to be the enjoyable list that it is. If you are 
     looking for good arguments and debates try the rialto I have heard 
     that that is what it is really good for. Which is why I only look at 
     the files that Stephan L'Rous converts to HTML because I don't want to 
     wade through all of the Logical debates to find out what I want to 
     really know about. Thank you for your time and if you feel the need to 
     respond my e-mail address is jackser at
                                Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn
                                Eldest son of House Windbourne  
                                One of the founders of Wyrmschlauger
                                Member of the Liondragon guard  
                                Herald to the Shire of Mooneschadowe      



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