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Dennis O'Connor dmoc at
Wed Aug 6 18:26:10 PDT 1997

 >BTW, anyone know who "Garth <green at>" is ?
>Who *I* am, of course, is pretty obvious.
>Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
>Your question is legitimate but your tone is totally 

What tone is that ?  How do you know what tone
I used ?  You are being inappropriately presumptuous,
I think.   I was just repeating a request someone else
had made; you did not castigate them, did you ?

>You have just joined this list or at least just spoken
>up. Garth has been here for a number of months putting
>in his considered opinion from time to time. Garth I
>believe lives here in Bryn Gwlad IN THIS KINGDOM.

And your point is, what ?  Are Ansteorran permitted
or expected to behave with less civility than other people ?
If so, why ?  I hope you don't consider yourselves inferior
in courtesy or intelligence to people from other Kingdoms;
that really shouldn't be the case, should it ?

>You live in Atenveldt. You are a visitor and a new one
>at that. While we welcome anyone to the list, perhaps
>you should consider what you want before you come
>metamorphically barging through the door.

I thought in this particular case, what I want is
pretty obvious.  Valid, rational discussion.
Not public ad-hominem discussions, like yours is.
But when you indulge in it, I point it out.  Do you
have a problem with that ?

>I and others know you well from the Rialto.

No, you know my Rialto demeanor well, perhaps.
That's not at all the same thing, is it ?  But anyway,
I'd love to here you tell me and others what you
know well about me from the Rialto.  I like being (in)famous. 

>Two days here and you've already made this place 
>seem inhospitable. A new record, Dennis?

Let's see: a variety of people, including you, post
a bunch of ad-hominem attacks on me because
I engage in a rational and flame-free discussion,
and YOU accuse ME of making the place inhospitable ?
I think not !  No, I think it is the people who are constantly
trying to steer discussion towards personal attacks (that might
be you, Stefan) that are making the place seem inhospitable.

>Stefan li Rous
>Barony of Bryn Gwlad
>markh at
>(Unfortunately, my mailer does not have a screening or
>auto-delete option)

You'll just have to risk exposure to all manner
of ideas that might challenge your preconceptions.  
Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
All rights reserved. Speaking only for myself, by default.


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