ANST - To Dennis O' Connor

Dennis O'Connor dmoc at
Wed Aug 6 19:04:12 PDT 1997

 From: Eric Jackson <jackser at>
>     Dennis O'Conner,
>        It is nice to see someone use Logic and their skills at debate so 
>     skillfully, however I was enjoying the thread about courts and the 
>     purpose of the different orders.  I am not enjoying the I argue better 
>     than you topic that for today has dominated the list would you mind 
>     next time to please take your Logic and argument private 

To a polite request like that, what can I do but agree ?
If those who lecture about courtesy would practice what
they teach so well as you, m'lord, these arguments would
never start, or at least would swiftly wind down.  I will 
temper my use of the reply button, as you desire.

Mr. Microphone in Court ??  I'm agin' it ! :-)
Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
(Now, let's see who is rude enough to post an inappropriate reply ...:-)


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