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Greetings, Cosyns,

Lyonel ici.

Chiang Ti Lung of the House Crane says to M. O'Connor:
>   Speaking of attacks, I think most of the people answering you have
>been most polite. 

I would have to say Chiang Ti Lung has a rather odd idea of "polite."  I've
seen one polite request and two suggestions that M. O'Connor could be a bit
more gracious in his postings.  Other than those few, I've seen posts
attacking M. O'Connor's debating skills, his honor, and his attitude; I've
seen folks I generally consider honorable attempt to ascribe abject motives
to M. O'Connor's posts; I've even seen one gentle suggest that M.
O'Connor--as a non-Ansteorran--has no business pointing out the errors of an
Ansteorran poster.

Chiang Ti Lung further informs M. O'Connor that:
>All you have done is put down and
> belittle everyone who has replied to you. Your attitude has been 
>condescending and pretentious.

I don't remember M. O'Connor "belittling" anyone.  His responses have been
terse, perhaps, but he has responded politely to polite postings.  Mostly, I
have seen M. O'Connor correct erroneous claims and fallacious logic.  If
such actions constitute "belittling," I guess I owe a sizable apology to all
those college freshmen whose papers I've been grading.

As for "condescending and pretentious," I would have to say the same is true
for these repeated attempts to publicly "correct" M. O'Connor.  I would also
add "irrational" and "unjust."

>   In answer to your question about anyone knowing Garth. Yes I know the
>man(sorry he is not from Bryn Gwlad, you only wish he were,)(wink). He
>has been playing for many a year, around 15 I believe. I have found him
>to be a great wealth of knowledge on history, SCA history and culture as
>well as many aspects and fields of A&S. I have a great deal of respect
>for the man and call him a friend.

I'm glad to hear your friend is so knowledgeable.  The knowledge of which
you speak does not, however, alter the fact that in their initial
interchange, he was in the wrong.  M. O'Connor and Garth disagreed.  M.
O'Connor responded with support for his claims.  Garth responded with
insults and a refusal to reconsider his view. 

Chiang Ti Lung further enlightens us:
>   As far as me being polite well....Hehe I'm not.

How sad for you.  You must find your dealings with the SCA--a society that
prizes honor, chivalry, and courtesy--rather uncomfortable.

Chiang Ti Lung ends his post with the challenge:
>And you M'lord
>Dennis Connor have insulted my friends far to much should you and I meet
>I hope it is on the Field of Honor, then we shall see what is to be

I hope you aren't talking about taking this matter to an SCA Field of Honor.
This sort of challenge is unwelcome on our tourney fields (First rule of the
list:  do not take the field in anger.)  Moreover, I find your choice of
words (Field of *Honor*) ironic.  Offering to escalate a rhetorical contest
to physical violence is anything but honorable.

lo vostre por vos servir

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
Dennis Grace
University of Texas at Austin
English Department
Recovering Medievalist
amazing at

Micel yfel deth se unwritere.
                           AElfric of York


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