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Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Thu Aug 7 09:32:05 PDT 1997


>> I recall reading somewhere (been awhile!) that some of the early period
>> coats/cloaks/generic outer garments were hair-on leather and somewhat rank
>> smelling, (implying perhaps green skins or poor tanning? Poor personal
>> hygene?)


>> Piotr
>> Keith Duke - duke at
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>> Piotr Balomirov syn Barsukov
>> Barony of Northkeep (In glorious, green Tulsa OK!)

While green skins or poor tanning might account for the rank odor, it is
worth trying to determine how the skins were tanned and what chemicals
were used in the tanning process.

For example, the Inuit (Eskimos) use human urine for tanning, as it is
only recently that they have had access to other tanning methods.  The
tanning is perfectly good and not very noticeable in freezing Arctic
weather.  However, during more temperate weather, when the leather gets
damp, the odor is very noticeable.  I can vouch for this from first hand
knowledge, having had a pair of Inuit mukluks.

Of course, there is the point that living in Arctic or near Arctic
winters without modern conveniences makes people a little rank also.

Good luck on chasing down the references.  It should be interesting.


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