ANST - GWW-II autocrat deputies needed

McQuinn/Richards legixhis at
Thu Aug 7 10:37:56 PDT 1997


Sheridan here.

I am the Parking Autocrat reponsible for laying out and maintaining the
parking facilities at GWW II in Caid on President's Day Weekend, Februray
10 -17, 1998.
(parking AUTOcrat.. get it? .....!)

To assist in this operation I am seeking one or more deputies, one of whom
will become the Parking Autocrat for GWW-III, 1999.

And to make the job fun we will be using Roman surveying equipment to
layout lines and mark areas!

Job description, Parking Deputies: Help set up Parking Area; check parking
area twice daily to insure that signs and barriers are properly posted and
located; to note improperly parked vehicles; help take down signs etc.

For perspective's sake, the designated Parking Area is about three the size
of Estrella Park open field battle ground. I figure it will take a crew of
four 2 hours to set it up, one hour twice a day to maintain, and 1 hour to
take down.

Remember.. your volunteer hours and attendance help earn your Kingdom $.

If you are interested please e-mail me, asap. THANKS!

Vale, (be well)
Brig Gen, 7th Brigade, Royal Army of Caid

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