ANST - largess

Lisa Carter zkr26 at
Thu Aug 7 18:26:31 PDT 1997

I been given items such as small pins, coins, beads and flowers.  I have
given out pottery, pins, Apple butter, small boxes with tea, glass jars
with salt and pepper for feast table and a host of other items. 

I was advised by HE Margaret - past Queen of the East - on largess - it
does not matter what it is - small, large, as long as it is given in
appreciation - it will mean a lot to the receiver.  My most prized peice
is a peice of costume jewelry given to me by her Grace Mikaela - i were it
as if it was made out of gold and diamonds.

Learning to Serve the Dream,

Kayleigh Drake
Baroness of Bonwicke
The Western Region of Ansteorra


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