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kmlott kmlott at
Thu Aug 7 08:25:04 PDT 1997

To EVEYONE on this list:
At the risk of being flamed, I am "decloaking" and coming out onto the
list to remind everyone that this list is for the discussion of SCA
related subjects.  I am relativly new to the society and enjoy reading
all the wonderful instructive subjects that are usually bantered about.
In the past week I have spent more time deleting than reading.  And as I
tell my kids at children's activities, "can't we all just get along".  I
am all for objective debate, but this horse has been beaten, dragged,
hung, burned, and buried in the four corners of the known world.  Could
we please just let it rest and move on.  I realize that by posting this
response that "I" am prolonging the issue, but I thought you guys might
like to hear what a newcomer has to say.

Always in service to the dream and the future,
Annabel Kincaid, Minister of Children for the Barony of the Steppes

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