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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Aug 7 12:01:34 PDT 1997

Incipi-Sir Dieterich suggests two books, among them:

There is one other bright star in the quest for fine 15th C. knowledge, but
it is hotly contested:  The Medieval Soldier, by Gerry Embleton and John
Howe 1994, ISBN 1-85915-036-5.  This book is by another group of
re-creationists called The Company of Saynte George; essentially a group of
european (mainly Swiss and English) museum workers and medieval studies grad
students who center all their research on Switzerland in the year 1460.

A caution:

If you order this one sight unseen, make sure it is this book.

I just bought another book called "The Medieval Soldier" but it is by
A.V.B. Norman, 1971, ISBN 1-56619-381-8. My edition is published by
Barnes and Nobles. While it is a good overview of the medieval soldier,
fealty and such, it has only a few pictures and covers only armor and
not clothing.

Anyone know of any books similar to the first one above for the 12th
century? Or any that discuss Yorkshire during this period?

  Stefan li Rous
  markh at


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