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Lori Jones LJONES at
Wed Aug 6 19:09:08 PDT 1997

> Dennis wrote:
> part of my point is that this "Garth" person,
> who does not use his real name anywhere, also seems
> to have an invalid e-mail address involving a host
> that my ISP says does not exist.  Essentially, he or she
> is posting anonymously.  

I agree that "Garth" isn't much of an identifier to most of us who 
read this list.  However, his post wasn't *really* anonymous as he 
did, at least, include a name of some sort.  People who intend to 
post anonymously don't use even that.  As to his invalid return 
address, well, we've all had problems with our servers on 
occassion.  It wouldn't be very polite to assume that he's 
intentionally disabled return contact.  While I don't share the 
opinion that people who post anonymously are cowards (some are just 
thoughtless and inconsiderate), I can agree that it seems a very 
cowardly act.  

As to signing one's "real" name to one's posts, I always include mine -
usually because I elect not to turn off my sig. file (my e-mail 
address is in it).  However, I would probably confuse a great many 
people out there if I signed my posts simply as "Lori Campbell".  The 
SCA is full of aliases and those are the names we are known by.  Most 
SCA'ers would be hard pressed to tell you the mundane names of even 
those as well known as their Crown.  

As to the inference that one should only sign their SCA name when 
discussing medieval things - well, I thought that's what we're 
here for..... yes? 

Here's hoping to get back onto a subject that, if not exactly 
medieval, might actually be of use to an SCA'er who reads this 
list.  Not that what we were discussing wasn't, but..... 

- Bs. Katrionna Heather MacLochlainn  (a.k.a. Kat)
  Writing from the Barony of Wiesenfeuer

Lori Campbell
Okla. School of Science and Mathematics

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