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 From: Timothy A. McDaniel <tmcd at>
>Hossein Ali Qomi wrote:
>> I should also point out that directness and abrasiveness are perfectly
>> period characteristics.
>I think the standard SCA counter-examples are that plagues and
>Jew-burning are period too.  

Poor example. Mundane law won't let you do those anyway.

>While I like authenticity where it's
>just as easy to be authentic as not, I must say that I'd rather
>have "a distillation of renaissance courtier ideals" in the SCA.

Renaissance courtiers ... the toadies that hung around courts ?
Weren't their ideals sloth, self-promotion, brown-nosing,
vicious rumor-mongering, and in general, skill at nasty politics ?

I'd rather hang out with country knights and direct but
abrasive guildsmen and farmers, myself.  At least
with them I don't have to watch my back.
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