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Fri Aug 8 10:27:44 PDT 1997

Personally, I'm suspecting a lot of herd-type behavior here, where
the members of the existing group have a predisposition to
side with the members of the group regardless of who is actually
at fault.  That's just human nature.  Plus, of course, there's the long
string of wounded egos I've left in my wake in other forums, people
who remember me that I don't recall at all. If you look, you'll see that too.
Dennis O'Connor   


Are you truly surprised, or do you simply not realize how you've offended
them.  Even I have begun to think of you as a pompus jerk, and when I read
your first post it didn't even phase me.  My thoughts were "Squirt squirt,"
 and to understand what I meant, make a circle with your right hand and move
it horozontally in a jerking motion....

But later on, in a detached english-major sort of way, I was able to dissect
many of your sentences.  Whether or not they were intentionally offensive I
cannot say.  But with a simple re-arrangement of words, or a substitution of
similes, you could make friends instead of enemies.  In the end you must
choose:  do you want to have friends at your table, debating the issues, or
do you want to be screamed at?  If your choice is towards the latter, I must
pity you.  How bitter you must be to want so desperately to spur, reject, and
insult all who come near.  The wounded cat analogy was very acute.


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