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Tue Aug 12 06:42:45 PDT 1997

Greetings Mst. Kalida and interested A&S personages. Aquilanne here.

While going through some of my old paperwork, I ran across a judging form
from Artemisia. Barring some layout differences, here it is:

1. CATEGORY_______________ SUB-CATEGORY____________________
2. ENTRY DESCRIPTION___________________
3. PURPOSE__________________
4. INSPIRATION FOR PIECE_______________
5. APPLICABLE PERIOD__________LOCALE_____________
7. AUTHENTICATION________________________
8. SOURCES________________________

                       ENTRANT # _____________

The other side of the sheet lists instructions:


1. List the category and sub-category in which the item is entered.

2. Provide a concise description of hte entry. Examples: "Blue silk puirse
embroidered w/ gold dragon," "lemon-almond tart," Tale titled,'Sea Spot Runne.'"

3. Purpose: what is the intended use of this entry. Yes, this is to be
included even if it seems obvious (as in food and clothing entries). Be
specific (e.g., if the entry is soap, is it for washing clothes or persons?).

4. Inspiration: was the item commissioned, requested, a gift? Is the entry
styled after a specific artist or group of artists? Why was this entry produced?

5. Period and Local: During what time and in what area would this item have
been used (e.g., 1530's, England, 2nd Crusade, Kingdom of Jerusalem; Reigh
of Charlemagne/Holy Roman Empire)? For writing and pictorial art--to what
period and locale does this piece refer?

6. Tools/Materials/Techniques used to produce this piece. Specifically, list
any period methods and material used and justification for any non-period
practices used.

7. Authenticatioin: what proof can you offer that this item is appropriate
to the stated period and locale? Examples might include period documents,
statues, tapestries, recipes, diagrams, surviving examples.

8. Sources: bibliography by author, title and publisher of books, magazine
articles, and expert opinions used in researching nad authenticating this item.

9. Attachments: list any additional documentation attached. this should
include any drawings, figures, diagrams, patterns or text included to expand
on the data included on this documentation form.


                              ENTRANT # ____________

I used to be surprised how many folk were intimidated by being required to
provide documentation; some enough so that they wouldn't even enter an A&S
competition--some folks just don't know where to start. A document/form such
as this helps reduce the intimidation factor in documentation. It makes
clear what kind of information the judges are looking for. It also makes it
easier on the judges, since they don't have to dig through a bunch of
writing looking for where the entrant says what period the peice is supposed
to emulate, or where the entrant justifies using a non-period technique,
etc. It's all listed.

Anyway, thought this might be of interest and  possibly some help. Let me
know what you think.



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