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Eric Jackson jackser at
Fri Aug 8 09:14:56 PDT 1997


Good afternoon all,
I was wondering if any of you had given or received some particularly great 
largess at any events?  I would love to know the reason they were given or 
received, and at what event.  (Please don't feel you're bragging, because I 
just want to know!)

        I have received many wonderful things for largess in the past. As a 
     server at feast, I was given a full salt cellar from Ragnar of Ragnars 
     Rock. I have also rerceived candle holders and some jewelry but my 
     favorite is a necklace that was given to me at a Guardian, when I was 
     working in the kitchen. This young Lady came up to me and said, I have 
     seen you working so hard this weekend so I wanted to give you this.  I 
     have also been given quartz crystals for dying well at the last Gnomon 
     Vale Margrave event which I carry on my person all the time. IMHO I 
     think just letting the person know why you are giving them something 
     makes the item that much more speceil.  Also on this note if you ever 
     eat at a feast and your server does a good job, at the very least 
     please tell them that you think so, and remember that something as 
     simple as salt can become a treasured item so if you feel up to it go 
     on and give your server at a feast a little largess.  This will help 
     in making sure that there are plenty of experienced servers in our 
     fair kingdom.
                                Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn
                                Eldest son of House Windbourne  
                                One of the founders of Wyrmschlauger
                                Member of the Liondragon guard  
                                Herald to the Shire of Mooneschadowe      



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