ANST - Instruction was: To Dennis O' Connor

Dennis O'Connor dmoc at
Fri Aug 8 10:52:17 PDT 1997

Elyh at wrote:
 >  Even I have begun to think of you as a pompus jerk, and when I read
>your first post it didn't even phase me.  My thoughts were "Squirt squirt,"
> and to understand what I meant, make a circle with your right hand and move
>it horozontally in a jerking motion....

This is the kind of repartee this mailing list thinks appropriate ?
No wonder being direct and logical was unappreciated !

I see now that I must spend more time with street gangs and
prostitutes, picking up their mode of thinking, if I am to be 
accepted here.  In my woeful naivete, I had assumed that
I was communicating with educated, cultured adults.  I see
now that that assumption was, for some people, unjustified.

Ghislane, does your mother know you talk like that on the 'net ?
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