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dennis grace amazing at
Fri Aug 8 12:55:21 PDT 1997

Greetings Bryn Gwladians (and other interested folk)! Aquilanne here.

I wanted to start putting the word out: I'm going to hold a ceramics
workshop for folks to come and paint/glaze their arms, badges,
what-have-you, on bisqueware for feastgear. Coolness, no? I will be
obtaining some plates, goblets, mugs, bowl, etc., to have on hand for folks
to purchase at cost, plus a nominal fee for the glazes and firing. If you're
interested, contact me and let me know how many of which kind of bisqueware
you would like so I can have enough on hand. If you'd like to purchase your
own, Sgraffitto and Austin Ceramics Warehouse are two places in town where
you can buy bisqueware, or greenware if you prefer. We'll be using a type of
underglaze that is formulated to work on bisqueware as well as greenware, so
it's up to you.

Anyone having any questions feel free to email or call--467-8566.

The workshop will be Sunday afternoon, August 31st, 2:00



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