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>Hi Bors:

>Gnith here! Nice to see you back on the list!

>Months and months and months ago, back at Gulf Wars, I was awarded a Sable
>Falcon on the field by Mahadi before the final battle. I hung it on the
>trigger of my ballista and ran off to fight. Came back and OH NO -- it was

>I posted to the list asking if anyone had come upon it. No one had seen it,
>but you wrote me at that time and said that the Falcon was probably one you
>made for the crown.

>I'm dying to actually physically possess a Falcon for more than five
>minutes -- don't suppose I could talk you into making another one for me?
>I'd be happy to cover any cost of materials and arrange a time when I could
>get it from you at an upcoming event.



Sorry- I am not out of exile yet but will respond to your request.  Yes I
would be honored to make you a replacement Sable Falcon for the one you
misplaced.  I make each one slightly different with the knot work, because
each person who receives them is an individual and thus my falcon is an
individual.  I have never received one myself but take joy in seeing others
get them in court and trying to see if they are the ones I made.  I will be
fighting a Stargates 25th. and will be at Ravensfort the week after, or could
mail it to you. Your call----let me know how you want it??
P.S.  Don't loose the next one

 Baron Bors of Lothian
  Par Deu, bel sire, cist est de ae vostre lin,
  Et si mangue un grant braun porcin
  Et a dous traitz beit un cester de vin.
  Ben dure guete deit il rendre a sun veisin.

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