ANST - Largesse

Elyh at Elyh at
Fri Aug 8 19:21:19 PDT 1997

My favorite pieces of Largesse have been the pieces given to me for bardic
performances.  A baroness I could barely see in the dim firelight (and whose
name I  have never figured out) gave me a lovely bracelet once.  

The first largess I ever recieved was from a gentleman who simply thought I
was pretty.  My friends and I give each other little trinkets that on could
call largess.   Something like: "I was in this store and I saw this ________
that just screamed your name, so here it is."  

Speaking of largess and bardic performances, I would like to encourage all
bards going to Gothic this year to enter the bardic competition.  And I would
like to encourage all non-performers to be there handing out either largess
or words of encouragement to our bards.  I will be there handing out


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