ANST - Largess

Chiang chiang at
Fri Aug 8 20:46:41 PDT 1997

   Largess is nice. More than once I have returned to my A&S display to
see a bead or string of beads. It lets you know that your work is
   I also like to give it out. Once when a young lady danced in my camp
I gave her a small necklace. I know for a fact that she still has it. I
try to give out largess when I feel it is deserved, or when I feel like
it. It is neat to give a gift just to watch the expression on someone's
face when they receive it. 
   I carry a small backpack that I try to keep stocked with different
items for those occasions, 'sides that with my friends you can never
tell when I may need to ransom myself back.
    Chiang (not being formal tonite)
    Barony of Bonwicke
    Western region of Ansteorra


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