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Dennis O'Connor dmoc at
Tue Aug 12 16:29:47 PDT 1997

 >Hello from Siobhan.
>Most of us chose our personas fairly early in our SCA life, before we knew a
>lot about the various time periods and cultures.  My question is this:  if
>you had it all to do over again, would you choose the same time and culture?
> Would you choose a different one?  Why?

You only have one persona ?  That's a perfectly fine choice to make,
of course, but their is no reason for it.  Having personas from
various places and times makes for a more interesting
wardrobe, among other things.  If the places and times
aren't *too* different, you can even give both personas
the same name, or a really close name.

I started the SCA with an Irish persona (like most people
in the group I joined).  Later I changed to Mongol, which
was unusual there.  Then I moved to Atenveldt, where
you can hardly fall off your horse without landing on a Mongol !

Hmmm ... maybe I should change to late-Empire Roman ...
they had the best engineers, you know !  Or maybe 
go Persian: better clothing for the Aten heat. The point is, 
there is no rule that says you can't change personas, or 
have multiple personas.

Of course, acting like two or more personas at the precise
same time would be a problem, for *most* people. :-)
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