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Wed Aug 13 07:12:49 PDT 1997

When I first joined SCA, my persona was nonexistant.  My first realization
that this was not a joke was when I was told by Fionna that "when you're
here at an event, her name is not Roberta, it's Chrystal.  And it's not hey
you, it's Your Excellency."  My garb was something that I threw together at
the last minute, with the requirements being only that it was a long dress.

I did not figure out the persona thing until my husband said he likes
Byzantine. (Byzantine Byzantine ra ra ra! Goooooooo Timo!  penned by HE

I was greatly intimidated by the intricacies of the style, especially the
elaborate jeweling and trim work.  I labored GREATLY through Timo's fighting
tunics and such, only to realize that I am more suited for something else.

At the Coronation tournament, I wore a greek chiton.  This was so incredibly
comfy, that I'll probably have an alternate persona, just to go with the
Texas seasons...(you know, hot, and killer hot)

I really love the Italian Ren clothing, and now that I've read more about
the history, I think I'll give it a try.

Sewingly challenged,




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