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Wed Aug 13 09:41:00 PDT 1997

Greetings from Suzanne. 
As a relative newcomer (my one year anniversary will be this year's Texas 
Renaissance Festival at the end of October) who has dived into this wonderful 
dream head first, I'd like to cheer on the attempt to come up with some sort 
of standards for A&S judging.  
I'm a detail-oriented person (no, Aquilanne, I don't think you're being 
*anal*) and I too like the idea of standardized scoring across the board. I'd 
also like to see these standards published and widely available. When I 
entered my first A&S competition, I agonized greatly over the documentation I 
was required to submit with my entry. Since I hadn't been to any other 
competitions and had no examples to go by, I ran around frantically trying to 
find out what I was supposed to do.  Fortunately, I met Mistress Rose and she 
very kindly took me by the hand and gave me a few guidelines for 
documentation. (I know she and Master Geoff presented their class on 
documentation at an event last spring.) 
If you're looking for someone to help put together an A&S 
judging/instructional tool, please feel free to contact me. 
-- Suzanne 
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