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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Aug 13 21:56:17 PDT 1997

Wilkin wrote:
> > those obsidian swords ... because the Spaniards wore metal armor,
> > they were almost immune to the very impressive cutting effects of
> > these weapons
> [a book] talks of flint arrows going through 2 chain shirts

Flint is not obsidian.  The latter can be extremely sharp, If I Recall
Correctly; I recall hearing that obsidian-bladed knives are used in
eye surgery.  However, I believe obsidian is also extremely brittle,
hence the comment of the first poster (whose name I don't have to
hand) about the limitations of obsidian: the sword blade would shatter
on impact.

I think flint can be made sharp, and it's somewhat hard, so the claim
about penetrating mail seems not unreasonable.

Daniel "recent regular readers of the Usenet newsgroup
alt.folklore.urban might pick up on 'obsidian' and know what topic
digression I'm dreading here" de Lincoln
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