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~Greetings All...

> On the judging forms subject, here is the brewing judging form from
>Estrella about 3 years ago followed by the Calon form.  The major
>difference, which I like, is that the Calon form denotes a point breakdown.
>This tends to reduce the likelyhood that 1 judge will think a certain
>factor makes a product only good for X points while another thinks the same
>thing is worth X+Y points.  
>	Damon

Alrighty then.. I'm glad someone has finally mentioned something about
judging brewing.
I like the form provided, but, I have some problems with it...

The simple fact is, that brewing and vinting can be a difficult catagory to
judge. And, more often than not, such a detailed judging, like the one
provided in the last post, is hard to do. Finding capable judges that can use
such criteria is very rare. And some of the period technique, ingredients,
are quite frankly, hazardous to your health. (*) Documentation is a real
problem due to the fact that there is little or none in period.  But, it is
hope of brewers such as myself and the other members of The Honorable
Brotherhood of Brewers and Vinters to see more education and research on the
subject. It has seemed as of late that it is needed. 

The style we have found best as of late is on a popularity judging. (AKA
Brewing for the masses.) This has worked great in the past and really gets
down to the point of why the majority of us do this little art. What people
like to drink and tastes good to them. And this also gives us brewers a
sampling of how were doing and what people like. It makes our job alittle
easier sometimes. You can produce the most periodly correct (PC.. cute, I
like that), using period technique, ingredients, have documentation to the
hilt, and it can be perfect in every way.  But, if it doesn't taste good,
it's a wasted effort.  

Now, I'm not saying that we should get rid of the detailed judging. The whole
point of the SCA is period recreation. But sometimes, in areas like this need
to have a taste-based judging. I think when I hand someone one of my meads or
ales, and that person smiles and wants more, I've done my job and I've won
all the contests I need. 

Now, let's hear what everyone else thinks...

In service.
Alexander Ravenshaw

(*)All projects produced by The Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers and Vinters
are produced in strict accordance with proper technique and all health codes.
Barat wouldn't have it any other way. We all tend to take what we do abit


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