ANST - Defender of the Fort XV....

Paul Gilbert vis_pfg at
Wed Aug 13 15:26:53 PDT 1997

Unto the Kingdom of Ansteorra and others of the Known World.

Greettings from Lord Nikolas Vasilievich and Lady Kitba-tu  Kezia of Ravens Fort, 
Autocrats of The Barony of Ravens Fort, Defender of the Fort XV.

It is planned to present the event of all events at Ravens Fort 
Defender XV.

The date for this years Defender is Sept. 19-21 at the Stones of 
Ravens Fort in Huntsville, Texas.

Please see the August and Sept issue of the Blackstar for the ad and 
details of events to be held.

A couple of notes in advance....

The feast will be limited. If you are planning to eat feast, please 
contact us or the feastocrat, HL Yoshi for reservations. (see ad for 
phone numbers)

There will also be limited seating during feast. Seating will be for 
those purchasing feast. Others will need to bring their seats and 

It most likely will be hot. Please keep that in mind. Camping is 
encouraged, but The Stones is a primative site and water is limited. 
There is no electricity.
The site is about 10 minutes from Huntsville. Those interested in 
motels, contact us for names.

There will be a knighting at Defender this year. Lord Dieter will be 
elevated to Sir Dieterich by TRM Kein and Alisha. Long live the King and 
Queen and good luck to (proto Sir) Dieterich.

Other events are listed in the Blackstar ad and will be told of 
during the next few weeks on the mailer list. Also, their will be a 
handout at the event with last minute additions and changes.

Any questions may be directed at myself and my lady, Kezia.

Come one and all to Ravens Fort for a wonderful time and event.

Here are our numbers.....

Lord Nikolas Vasilievich and Lady Kitba-tu Kezia
Paul Gilbert and Barbara Gilbert
1911 Pleasant Street
Huntsville, Texas 77340
409-291-9532 home
409-291-9386 work (use the mundane name, they don't understand <grin>)
email vis_pfg at

In service to the Dream and the Kingdom....

Nikolas and Kezia

Paul Gilbert                                                 Nikolas Vasilievich         
Huntsville, Texas                                        Exchequer of The Fort              
409-291-9532                                             Barony of Ravens Fort
vis_pfg at                             Kingdom Of Ansteorra
                    Society For Creative Anachronism

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