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Carl John Hess cjhess at
Wed Aug 13 15:56:18 PDT 1997

> If I remember him correctly even his weapons are themed by having little
> blocks of foam taped to the blade and taped black to simulate obsidian.
> This once engendered a discussion on whether or not a stone with an edge
> molecules thick could cut through mail.  

I took a pre-Columbus American history class in college, and the Professor
was quite graphic in his descriptions of what those obsidian swords were
capable.  Namely, cleanly removing the head of a horse with a smooth, swift
stroke.  Unfortunately, he also stated that because the Spaniards wore
metal armor, they were almost immune to the very impressive cutting effects
of these weapons.  It's just my opinion, but I seriously doubt that an
Aztec obsidian sword would cut through chain mail.  The club would be very
effective, however.  Unfortunately, the Aztec and the other associated
cultures lacked things such as the Wheel, Draft Animals, and Immunity to
Disease.  Also, they had great quantities of Superstition, and Fear of

I have to applaud this person for taking on such an unusual persona.  I
have always admired Ancient Central American culture, but it is SO foreign
to what was taking place in Europe at the time, I have never even attempted

Any other unusual/odd personas out there?  :)

C. Scipio Cincinnatvs
Constantinople ca. 400 AD

"No, you can't go back to Constantinople."


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