ANST - Another New Question

Darryl&Kate Arrington strmridr at
Mon Aug 18 19:48:09 PDT 1997

Lord Larkin O'Kane wrote:
> Can't imagine an english major in the military though.
> Larkin
> ===

Larkin, I see them all the time!  In fact, we have an English Major
Major in our unit in charge of us enlisted computer types.  The military
does not require ability or expertise in it's officers when it comes to
being in charge, they simply have to be able to deliver the rantings and
ravings of the "higher ups" to us when they find out that their mouse
was not, in fact, a microphone for the public address system (and
English Major Majors do that very well).

Thorgrim, counting the years 'till retirement...

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