ANST - Pennsic

Kathy Lee kal35810 at
Tue Aug 19 04:47:59 PDT 1997

>HL Katerina Aretino who had elven kills in the woods battle alone and Don
>Albrie(sp?) who lost count of the number of people that he killed during
>the war.  He loved it so much he ordered a helm!

This story gets better each time I hear it!  In the woods battle, Don Aubrey
and I decided to "babysit" each other.  That lasted for a while, until I was
legged ... We hooked up again before the final cannon, and fought beside
Atlantia since we couldn't find Ansteorra ... If all else fails, we've got
promises from several Atlantians to come to Gulf Wars!

During the town battle, the two newest fighters became to two most graceless
fighters, as we tripped over our own spears on the charge in.  But, at least
we weren't called out with the first batch of dead!  And when we did die, we
discovered that there is indeed shopping in Valhala!

As for the bridge battle - - - let's just say that I'm now in love with spear!

Yes, we're both hooked.

The war was incredible, the weather was wonderful (except for the last day,
when we had the great Ansteorran slumber party!), and we wished everyone
could have been there.  We had a fantastic camp this year, and everyone
pitched in to help.

So, who's ready for Pennsic XXXVII ???



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