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> And "sciences" includes crafts and technology not just the
>pure sciences. We should not be judging such items on whether they are
>pretty but on whether they do the job intended in a way that a medieval
>person would comprehend or use.

Thanks Stefan-
   You took almost all of my air out of my bag:>)  Just one more thing on the
Teaching is a science.  You take your knowledge and input into the little
heads of the munchkins. You observe and analyze, test and evaluate.  In the
end you publish (the grades).  All of the criteria for scientific evaluation
are present in teaching, yet ask any GOOD teacher or child care worker and
they will tell you that teaching is an art.  I have to agree that it is both.
 The catapult or seige engine doesn't have to be pretty to be art, it has to
be good.  We seem to be confusing the terms.  Arts and Science should
probably be dropped for something like Medieval Display of Artfull Sciences
:>) Maybe in some cases Awful Sciences.  The beautifully tooled and dyed
peice of leather vanbrace may look nice but if the leather is to lite to
deflect a blow then it shouldn't rate as well as an undecorated leather
vanbrace that has the same quality of construction but of heavier leather.
 The second piece works and the first ,although pretty , doesn't.
   These are only my opinions and they will never be considered because too
many people are into the pretty and not into the practical.

 Baron Bors of Lothian
  Par Deu, bel sire, cist est de ae vostre lin,
  Et si mangue un grant braun porcin
  Et a dous traitz beit un cester de vin.
  Ben dure guete deit il rendre a sun veisin.

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