kmlott kmlott at
Wed Aug 20 17:30:43 PDT 1997

Don Wilkinson wrote:
> Greetings, I just heard that tennis balls are not going to be allowed
> this year as siege weapons, does anyone know about this???
> Almar Bjarnklo
Hi this is Annabel!  I have a feeling this is due to some fall out from
last year.  It seems some people did REALLY bad jobs of weighting thier
t-ball ammo with rebar and the ammo started splitting open.  Therefore
they called for ANY ammo that was not made of foam or straight tennis
balls to be pulled.  Ours, the Ansteorran ALL WOMEN catapult team,  had
foam covered golf balls inside the tennis ball, which had to be pulled. 
This also knocked us completely out of the second fort battle, which was
a REAL BUMMER.  It was our first time to EVER participate in the
fighting aspect of Gulf War and we were really having a great time.  I
have a feeling to keep this type of incident from happening again, they
are just going to not allow anything like that this year.  By the way,
our team is already getting geared up to go back out and sling more

Annabel Kincaid, can you believe they actually let me be in charge of
the children?  He-He!

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