Specialy A&S Events (was Re: ANST - aesthetics and function)

James Crouchet jtc at mail.io.com
Tue Aug 19 10:22:11 PDT 1997

> What would others like to see rather than the traditional Pretty
> Thingy win the compitition??

I would like to see an in camp competition. Your entire camp would 
NOT have to be period, but you would have to have period style items 
in use in your camp.

Prepare a handout for the judges, not just as documentation, but as a 
guide so they know what to look at. So, for example, if you are a 
blacksmith then maybe you have a tripod over your fire with a pot of 
stew cooking. Of course, the stew could be be an entry too, and the 
chairs around the fire, the wooden cart in the corner and the 
pavilion you sewed. Anything YOU made for use in your camp.

Categories could include prettiest thingie, most useful thingie, 
most functionality added to a camp by period thingies, most 
functional thingie, most period camp, most impressive thingie.

Along the same lines you could have a "Be Period On The Field" 
contest. Your clothing, armor, weapon styles, weapons racks, your 
list-side pavilion, or even your fighting style could be judged as 
to periodness, beauty, functionality (assuming you could find 
experts to judge these things).

I think the little piles of weapons and junk around list fields look 
like mounds of garbage and really mess up the "grand atmosphere" that 
a tourney could have. I would like to see some positive persuasion to 
encourage folks to make it look better.

Don Doré

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