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Kathleen M Everitt kathe1 at
Wed Aug 20 19:05:56 PDT 1997

Greetings, all,

	I'm pleased to announce a new mailing list entitled
"SCA-Youthissues". As the name implies, it is about kids in the SCA. The
list is intended for Ministers of Children, Autocrats, Parents, in short,
anyone who deals with kids and the issues that surround them. 
	Examples of topics for the list: We've got two teenagers in our
group. What can I do to get them more involved? How can I get my pre-teen
interested in the SCA when all he wants to do is stay home and play
Nintendo? I'm autocratting an event next weekend and I just found out
that there will be 30 kids there. What activities can I put together for
them on short notice? My son/daughter wants to fight/fence/shoot archery.
What are the rules in my Kingdom?
	I hope that this will become a source of information and ideas
that will help all of us encourage our young people and help them to
become active members of the SCA.

To subscribe, send mail to listserver at with the message
"subscribe SCA-Youthissues".

Yours in service to the SCA and its children,

Julleran da Mestre, deputy for Children's Issues to the Society

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