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Thu Aug 21 06:11:54 PDT 1997

Salut, Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

Damaris saaaaays:

>The first time I took it I answer according to me, myself, with no
>thought of persona.  I came up as a Shepherd...The next time I tried to
>answer as I think I would as Damaris.  I came up a dreamer-minstrel...
>This is getting wierd...for me....

Weird for you?

I took the test three times.  On the first effort, I was just getting ready
to go to bed, and I came up with *Prime Minister.*  The second time I took
the test, I was hungry, and I came up a *Discoverer.*  The third time, I
took the test, concentrating to keep my thoughts within the mind set of
Lyonel.  I came up as a *White Knight.*

Then, unfortunately, Lyonel, realizing that the little box so glibly
spewing this foul pastiche of the Anglo-Normans had to be a creation of
Satan, smote my computer until its inhuman face was as black as its evil
heart, striking it down in the name of the Blessed Virgin, St. Denis, and

So now I'm typing from a Mac at school.  I hate Macs.

lo vostre por vos servir

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
(or some reasonable postmodern facsimile thereof)


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