ANST - Siege Weapon Rule

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Aug 21 14:16:17 PDT 1997

Gnith said:

Before you shudder at the thought of SCA-wide standardized combat rules,
remember that siege weapons are primarily used in inter-kingdom conflicts.
It'd be a bitch to transport ol' Bessie the Trebuchet and a thousand pounds
of counterweight to Mississippi only to have her failed by the site
marshalls ...

That's why I would use water as the counterweight. Also allows for easy 
adjustment. But then there is still the framework and arm itself to

Also, I'm not sure the Gulf Wars site is big enough to optimally use a
trebuchet. With a full-size or even a half size trebuchet, I think I could 
sit by the main building and lob reasonable size "rocks" onto the stockade.
But I doubt the marshals would let me site that far away.

Stefan li Rous
markh at


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