Carl John Hess cjhess at
Thu Aug 21 08:07:49 PDT 1997

> > Almar Bjarnklo questioned:
> > Greetings, I just heard that tennis balls are not going to be allowed
> > this year as siege weapons, does anyone know about this???

And Annabel answered:
> Hi this is Annabel!  I have a feeling this is due to some fall out from
> last year.  It seems some people did REALLY bad jobs of weighting thier
> t-ball ammo with rebar and the ammo started splitting open.  Therefore

RE-BAR?!!  I am stunned.  No wonder they aren't allowing tennis balls.

> they called for ANY ammo that was not made of foam or straight tennis
> balls to be pulled.  Ours, the Ansteorran ALL WOMEN catapult team,  had
> foam covered golf balls inside the tennis ball, which had to be pulled. 

Why are you weighing tennis balls at all?  It's a heavy fighter's
responsibility to realize that if he or she is hit by a tennis ball to fall
dead and tromp back to the resurrection point or wait until the next
battle.  You should not *have* to weigh a tennis ball down further in order
to make them more effective.

Do you want to make a tennis ball more effective?  Get it moving faster. 
The physics equation for determining force or 'f' is f = ma or Force equals
Mass times Acceleration.  So, the faster you accelerate an object, the
harder it will hit.  That way you don't have to fool with the mass (i.e.
adding re-bar to a tennis ball!) in order to make the weapon  more

How do I do this?  The easiest and cheapest way I know is to use a sling. 
One of the twirly ones like David used to slay Goliath.  It takes a little
practice, but they are *very* effective when used properly.

> This also knocked us completely out of the second fort battle, which was
> a REAL BUMMER.  It was our first time to EVER participate in the
> fighting aspect of Gulf War and we were really having a great time.  I
> have a feeling to keep this type of incident from happening again, they
> are just going to not allow anything like that this year.  

I agree, that would be a real bummer.  So would getting hit in the head
with a tennis ball containing re-bar.

C. Scipio Fear Ansteorran Light Infantry Weapons


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