ANST - Rocks, arrows, Gulf War

Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Thu Aug 21 09:45:59 PDT 1997

>   It seems to me that a tennis ball might not be the best idea for Sir
> Oblivious or Lord Rhin O'Hide.. I was thinking that racquet balls may
> have a little more mass behind them and can't really be tampered with all
> that easily.  They just tend to fall apart if cut open...
> Best
>   Felipe'
>   Stargate

Maybe tennis balls stuffed with cloth and heavily wrapped in duct tape.  I also
like filling them with corn or beans.  These don't sound as scary as some of the
Balder Blunts I've expirienced.  Although I haven't been hit with one, my shield has
and a major "whack" occurred as well as I have felt the ground thump when an arrow
landed near my feet.  I'm not too worried about either the arrow or the siege
rocks.  A sword or too hard spear thrust would cause more damage to my tender body.
But the main worry is the unarmored spectators where that misdirected arrow or
rock may fly into.

Just some thoughts.



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