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Scott White swhite at
Thu Aug 21 11:26:08 PDT 1997

>On a related issue, I would like to arrange for an in-kingdom
>inspection/qualification but have little more than a rough framework of
>rules to start with- 'no re-bar' stands out as a prominent inclusion :^I  We
>may even be able to arrange to have a joint kingdom marshallate agreement
>between ourselves and the good kingdom of Trimaris for the siege engines.

Good plan.

Also, folks, there are two mailing lists devoted to siege engines -- SCA
Siege and the Medieval Siege Weaponry List. You can subscribe to both by
using the forms at this URL:

One of the primary objectives of the SCA siege list is dialogue about
SCA-wide siege weapon rules. The list is frequented by some of the
highest-level decision makers in the organization -- the Society Archery
Marshall and the like -- and is very receptive to the input of us lowly

Before you shudder at the thought of SCA-wide standardized combat rules,
remember that siege weapons are primarily used in inter-kingdom conflicts.
It'd be a bitch to transport ol' Bessie the Trebuchet and a thousand pounds
of counterweight to Mississippi only to have her failed by the site
marshalls ...

Also, I heard that the '98 Estrella rules have just become available. Next
to Gulf Wars, this is probably the most siege-friendly conflict around and
a good one to watch regarding the shaping of siege weapon rules.

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