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Phillip Stallcup wrote:
> > Um, force is not relevant here.  Momentum (mv) is the key here
> > (I believe kinetic energy, 1/2 mvv, is not appropriate, as energy
> > can be dissipated in a collision).  So adding mass to the projectile
> > is as effective as adding to the velocity, ceteris paribus.
> >
> > However, the limit on velocity may be a mechanical one based on
> > the structure of the launcher.  For a sufficiently light projectile,
> > the arm may accelerate up to N MPH because that's what the rubber
> > band plus the mass of the arm allow, say.
> >
> > Further, air drag is affected by the density.
> >
> > If those weren't factors, and if the launcher added a fixed
> > momentum (which it presumably doesn't, as I wrote above),
> > we could launch ping-pong balls that would be as effective as
> > shot puts -- the ping-pong balls would be going like a bat out of
> > Hell.
> >
> > Daniel de Lincoln
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> > Tim McDaniel.   Reply to tmcd at
> Not to mention that adding mass to the projectiles is an easy way of increasing
> range.
> Llygoden Llwyd

Range is not what is going to win us the war...all of the siege engines
that worked had no problem shooting WAY over the castle and more force
equals more range in indirect fire.  Accuracy seems to be the bad part
of the indirect fire weapons.  You cannot aim at the Trimarin King with
a catapult.  You can aim at towers and doors but that is the only thing
big enough to hit with one ball in a catapult ...mass firing is the only
way to make ranged weapons effective against infantry, that can be
multiple tennis balls, thrown axes, javelins, arrows, whatever.  Octavia
will always be able to catch the sleeping fighters with an arrow, but if
she is the only archer and they know it, she will not get that many
kills (just one at a time) to be successful with archery you have to be
able to aim, but if you cannot aim at a target because you cannot see
it, quantity is better than quality.

talk about making someone a knight and that automatically gives them an

Alrek Kanin pat. pend.

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